There are very few things that are as frustrating as when you’re trying to figure out how to use some new technology. One of the most annoying technologies to learn is the setting up of email. Chances are that you have an email client (the software used to receive and send emails to and from people) that you like and are used to using. Now you change your email hosting for one reason or another and you get all the jargon of how it will be easy to use or how to set it up and then you’re on your own.

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We have answered many calls asking how to set up their email clients that customers are used to. It doesn’t matter whether you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, or even Mozilla Thunderbird they all can have a very long drawn out way of setting them up to work with webmail. We also realize that questions are not always asked between 8am and 5pm. With this in mind we have decided to create some easy to ready instructions via a printable PDF that can be reached on our website. One of our team members suggested creating instructional videos for this and we are considering that. For the immediate time, and need, we have created the page titled “Webmail Instructions”. Our customers will be able to find links to the most common issues and links to our FAQ and customer support pages.

Until we have step by step videos of how to set up email clients we hope that the new page and pdf instructions will help everyone when we are not around to help.