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Customer Support

Where Our customers come first

Our people at Cascade Networks are committed to providing the highest level of support for our products and services. We have tried to provide as much online documentation in our Help Topics and FAQs. Please contact one of our Customer Support professionals if you need more information or your questions are not answered.

Help Library

Many of your support questions can be answered by the information in our Help Library. Browse the library, and if you do not find the answer to your questions, please contact our Customer Support team.

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Useful Tools

Speed Test - Test your internet speed
Turbo Accelerator - Increase dialup speed
CNI WebMail - @cni and @cascadenetworks
Clatskanie WebMail -


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Contact Us

Our Customer Service professionals are available in our office Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm PST.

(360) 414-5990

(503) 728-3734

(360) 414-5991 fax

Please contact us if you need further information or if your question is not addressed by our online resources. You may also submit your request directly to Customer Service using the Contact Us form.

(360) 414-5990
(503) 728-3734

1111 - 11th Ave
P.O. Box 887
Longview WA 98632