High-Speed Internet and Phone Service For Cathlamet, WA

Since being incorporated in February 18, 1907, the town and the citizens of Cathlamet,Washington have been hard-working independent people. Due to the beautiful location of Cathlamet, it is overlooked by some of the large communications companies like Comcast. Today we are happy to offer an option to the residents of Cathlamet. We are Astound Broadband, Inc.

Astound Broadband, Inc. offers reliable and high quality communications services to the community of Cathlamet Washington. Wireless internet, home phone and business communications are an important part of life today. There is no reason to be left out of the 21st century with great streaming internet information and entertainment. Settling for poor quality internet streaming via satellite or entertainment is not the cost for living in a beautiful less congested town.

Astound Broadband is based in the city of Longview,Washington. We are a local communications company that cares about our customers. We have a strong technology backbone network that serves our neighbors here in Cathlamet. We appreciate how we have been welcomed into the Cathlamet community. We appreciate and value the opportunity to serve customers better, faster, and more cost effectively than the giant communications companies outside of the area.

Get High-Speed Internet and data solutions for your business or home. Or try our competitively-priced fiber optic connectivity, VoIP, wireless internet or 2-way systems. Whatever your internet or communications needs, Astound Broadband can provide a solution.

Take advantage of our established infrastructure for reliable, quality access, whether it is to your computer, video resources, or telephone.

  • Local Support – one-call contact to our local support developers and technicians saves time and long-distance confusion when working to resolve any issues.
  • Comprehensive Network Management – local management of network and customer hardware, troubleshooting and daily operations
  • 24-hour Network Monitoring – continuous monitoring of network switching centers, dial rotaries, transmission facilities and customer access ports for ongoing security and operation maintenance