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Comcast National Network Outage

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The last thing you need in your day is the blinking button that tells you that your smart phone or computer can’t get the information you’re looking for. Most of the time this is for a mere few minutes but it feels like hours pass by when you are experiencing it. Yesterday July 12th Comcast had a nationwide network failure outage that has left customers without service. Now it was centered in the Miami area but spread to towns and cities across the nation and the cost of this could be calculated into the billions of dollars in lost business and worst like failed emergency calls not made in time. Can this be avoided?customer_service__

Networks are machines and machines will break. This story reminds me of the analogy of the aircraft carrier compared to the small speed boat. The analogy goes that how much time and space does it take to turn both vessels. The carrier is much larger and takes 3 miles and one hour to turn around. With increased size and staff, you move slower and there is much more to focus on so response times are slowed. The speed boat does the same turn in minutes because it is smaller and can focus on the task at hand immediately.

Cascade Networks Inc is the agile more response internet provider to our community of customers. We have more focus on a smaller precise network. We serve our customers, not the nations customers. No phone trees to go through, no outsourced customer service, just real people providing real reliable service